How to Install WordPress on your Hosting Provider

wordpressWordPress is a great choice for a CMS ; it’s easy to learn, really dynamic and surprisingly powerful. Thankfully, installing WordPress is just as easy as doing most anything else with the platform.

Installing WordPress with a Script Installer

The fastest and easiest way to install WordPress is with a script installer like Softaculous, which I’ve demonstrated over on this page. You can read a more detailed approach there, but in brief:

1. Log in to cPanel and locate Softaculous or your host’s script installer of choice (usually at the bottom). Select WordPress.
2. Click “Install”.
3. Fill out the required information. Note that “in directory” should be blank. “Database name” does not matter and can be changed to anything you wish. Configure the admin account with a username and password you will remember.
4. Push “Install”. You’re done!

Manual WordPress Installation

If, for some strange reason, you want to install WordPress without a script installer, follow these points:

1. Go to and download the .zip file; it’s linked to all over the website.


2. Log in to your cPanel and access the File Manager.
3. Upload the to the folder you would like to use and extract the files (should look like this when you’re done).


4. Back in the primary cPanel screen, find and open MySQL Databases.


5. Create a database. This name does not matter, but you’ll still need to remember it in a few seconds.


6. Create a new user for the database, and use the password generator to create a super strong password. Don’t forget to copy and paste this password, because you’ll need it in a few seconds.


7. Add the user you’ve just created to the database you’ve just created.


8. Give the user access to everything.


9.  Go to your site’s URL (i.e., and you’ll see the following screen.


10. Enter your database information (the one you just created). This is where you’ll need the password that was generated for you.


11. Run install.


12. Enter your new site’s information.


13. You’re done!