How to set up E-Mail for your Website

When you’ve got your website up and running, you may want an e-mail that uses your domain name instead of a Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo account, like [email protected]

But how cool would it be to have your custom email address and run it inside of Gmail? This is called Google Apps, and you can easily set up your email there by just changing your mailservers. Mailservers are just like nameservers, but these are for email.

There’s actually a whole business called “email hosting.” Most people don’t even realize that you don’t have to host your site and email at the same place. I wasn’t’

How to set up an email account within cPanel

1. Login into cPanel, and click on “Email Accounts”.

2. Enter your information.

3. Your email is now registered.

4. Now that your email is registered, you can export the email and import it into your desktop client (i.e. Apple Mail, Windows Mail, Outlook).


5. Go to your desktop email client and import the file you’ve just downloaded.

Set up email using a third party email provider through cPanel

1. Purchase an email hosting account (GoDaddy, Google, Namecheap).

2. Login into cPanel, and click “MX entry”.

3. Here you’ll enter the mailservers that you’ve been given by your new email host. Google will give you five of these, but I’m not sure what other companies will give you.

4. If you have Google Apps, your email setup will look like this when you’re done.